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Syllabuses and

The syllabuses and curricula taught in the school are those prescribed by the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka. The Teacher Guides published by the National Institute of Education are followed for this purpose.

In the Nursery School a program of work designed by the school is followed in order to reach the competency level required to commence learning in Grade one in the English medium.

Medium of Instruction

The Lessons are conducted in the English medium from Nursery to Grade 13. As most of the children are from Sinhala speaking homes they do encounter difficulties in adjusting themselves for English speaking at the beginning. Vidura provides ample facilities for them to overcome this with ease.

Special total immersion classes are held during Saturdays for students in the Primary. They are also prepared to sit the English Language Tests of the Cambridge University conducted by the British Council.

Vidura is an accredited centre for the Cambridge ESOL Examination presenting the highest number of students from a school in Sri Lanka.

Students in the Primary are given the opportunity to sit the English Language Examinations held by the University of West London.

Learning Sinhala & Tamil

Sinhala is taught as a First Language and Tamil as a Link Language in keeping with the state Policy. Sinhala is taught up to GCE O/L as a compulsory subject. Tamil is taught as a second language up to Grade 9.

The Teaching

The teaching faculty of the school is comprised of Graduates, Trained Teachers and diplomats from recognized universities and tertiary and or higher education institutes often in Sri Lanka.
The quality of the Faculty of members is upgraded through regular in-house training programmers and lesson planning and lesson writhing exercise.
The faculty members are observed and evaluated every Term.


The hallmark of Vidura is Discipline. Hence she always pays due attention to behavior, conduct, personality and character of every child under its care. It should be noted that the liberal approach to child behavior found in the western cultures which are contagious, is not welcome at Vidura.

Every effort is made to maintain a high standard of discipline in and out of the school especially among the grown up children who are prone to become victims of societal trends currently witnessing in the country.

All forms hazing, bulling and student intimidation are prohibited. Students participating in or encouraging inappropriate conduct will be disciplined in accordance with the discipline guidelines given by the authorities. Those beyond correction will be advised to leave.

The assistance, commitment and dedication on the part of the Parents are mandatory in this regard in order to guide the child to become a worthy citizen of the county. Students undergoing any stress related issues will be dealt with very discreetly by the consultant Head Mistress- counselor and appropriate action will be taken in consultation with the parents.