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Prizes and Prize Giving

Vidura reward the students who excel in their studies through the Annual Prize Giving. The prize winners are selected by a panel according to set rules carried over the years and their decision is final.

However children should not be encouraged to vie for prizes.

Sports Day and Sports meet

An annual Sports Day is held in the primary school and an Annual Inter-House Sports Meets is held in the Secondary School at the College grounds.

Annual concerts/Variety Shows/ Dramas

Vidura holds annual concerts, variety shows and dramas especially in the Primary School towards the end of a year. Active participation of all students is encouraged in the Primary School.

However, in the Secondary School talents are given the pride of place.

National Festivals & Commemorations

The Independence Day, National Hero’s Hay, Sinhala and Hindu New Year, Vesak, Poson and Christmas are celebrated in the School.