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Infrastructure Facilities

Nursery School and the Primary School

All classes of the Nursery and the Primary School (grade 1-4) are held in leased premises except Grade 1, with modest facilities in and around Nawala. Grade 5 is now housed at Hokandara close to the upper school.

Secondary School

Classes of the secondary school are held in purposely built building at the Campus at Hokandara, near Talawatugoda. Prospective parents are advised to inspect the infrastructure facilities of the school at Hokandara and temporary facilities at Nawala before making up their minds to admit the child. Any concerns expressed later will not be entertained as any grievance.


Science Libratory

A well equipped science laboratory is available at the campus at Hokandara. It is maintained sectional to meet the requirements of each section, Grade 6-7,  Grade 8-9 ,Grade 10-11 and Grade 12 -13.

Computer Laboratory

ICT is taught as a main subject from Grade 1 and each grade in the Primary School is equipped with a mini computer laboratory. And a well equipped computer laboratory is available for the students of Grade 6-11.Over  100 desktop computer are at the disposal of these students through 3 computer laboratories with the assistance and guidance of the Assistant Manager – ICT and two IT Executives other than the teacher/instructor who conducts the lessons. Internet and multimedia facilities are also available for GCE O/L and GCE A/L students.



A modest library is maintained at each Grade in the Primary School. A well stocked library is available in the secondary school including borrowing facilities.