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Since mid 80’s numerous attempts were made by many patriots of the time to establish a school that follows Buddhist philosophy, promotes national thinking, the Sinhala culture and traditions which were fast eroding and hence lost its pride of place. However it did not see the light of the day.

One may recall the social revolution that took place in 1956, instrumental in the revival of national thinking and cultural values and the reawakening of the religious inclinations resulted in the overhaul of the education system to prepare the future generation to face the new world order.

The national movements that gathered momentum in the newly independent nations entrenched in socialist fervor necessitated a change in the medium of instruction to national languages. We do not discount but appreciate such reforms as a need of the times, the fruits of which the vat majority is enjoying today.

However having realized the setbacks society at large has encountered over five decades after Independence in the field of educations we took upon ourselves an adventurous task of rejuvenating the field of education by embarking on the establishment of an English medium secondary school.

The objective of this exercise was to create an institution that would instill national thinking in the minds of the younger generation and develop a love towards national culture based on ther Buddhist philosophy while the national curriculum is taught in the English medium

Teaching the national curriculum in English is a gigantic task, ager doing away with it fifty years age. We believe teaching and learning in English from the formative years is a national requirement as was believed by our national leaders in the past. Even today we are not alone in this respect as teaching in English from the formative years is practiced by our gig neighbor India and tiny neighbor Maldives or a vast country such Nigeria and tiny nation as Siera Leone in the African continent. Let us not be misled by the advocates of the contrary.

With assistance of few eminent educationists of repute, most of them were my colleagues and contemporaries at Ananda College  Colombo, University of Ceylon and Educational Publications Department, it was decided to established a school as national school in English medium, hence Vidura, a unique and a pioneering venture in the recent history of education in the island.

Born on the 27th of January 1999 with the blessings of the Triple Gem, Vidura today is one of the most sought after school in the English medium in Sri Lanka.

From a very humble beginning with six students, three teachers and one non academic staff over a decade age, Vidura has reached great heights with over 2400 students, 250 teachers and 100 non academic staff. The upper section is housed in a purposely built campus on a picturesque location over 9 acres of land at Talawathugoda, Sri jayawardanapura, Kotte.

We are proud to put on record that we have navigated with tyhousands of studnts during past fourteen years in the adventurous journey successfully. We have accomplished this with the support of the dedicated and loyal staff and the affectionate and cooperative parents, obedient students and likeminded well wishers.

It is heartening to note that by today our ideals in fact have blossomed with two of our students who have had their entire primary and secondary education at Vidura having gained admission to Governmen Universities for the academic year 2013/2014 on the results of GCE Advanced Level examination held in 2011, meanwhile one student who too had entire education at Vidura received 3 A passes in the mathematics stream at GCE Advanced Level examination held in 2012 another first at VIdura.

I should also wish to note that 6 students received 9A  passes at GCE Ordinary level examination held in December 2013  a clear indication of continuing performance at our institution

It should be noted that for any establishment of whatever magnitude to conceive and sustain a course of action in should posses Men, Money and Material. Venura, which could not have boasted to possess them to start with, yet had in abundance self – confidence, self reliance, endurance and perseverance guided by the Buddhist philosophy which enabled to accomplish what she dreamt at the turn of the last millennium.

Hence our motto

Aththahi Aththano Natho

One self is One’s Own Protector


D.G Sumanasekara BSc (Cey) Dip Ed
Pricipal/Managing Director