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Hygiene & Health

All students are expected to maintain a high level of hygiene and be healthy at all times as it facilitates smooth learning for both the self and to others. Parents are reminded of their duty and responsibility in this regard.

Ill Health during School Hours

Being noticed of a sickness or being noticed of the child is in discomfort the school will inform the parents of the position and will act upon the advice of the parents unless it is serious where the situation demands immediate medical attention, the child will be subjected to the earliest available medical facility.

After School Hours

If parents notice that the child is sick or in discomfort while at home please refrain from sending the child to the school unit fully recovered, especially in the case of contagious diseases.

If fever persists over two days the parents are advised to take immediate action as it may indicate of Dengue. The school compound is kept as far as possible Dengue free with the help of the students themselves and the staff.

Parents should be cooperative in keeping the home environment Dengue Free.