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15 – 20
Nursery school
20 – 25
Primary School
25 – 30
Secondary School
G.C.E (O/L) classes

Class Organization

The total number of students in each Grade is also kept under control at 200

In the primary School each class is provided with an Assistant Teacher/Teacher Assistant as an additional resource to facilitate the Class Teacher.

A dedicated maid is provided in the Nursery School and for each Grade from Grade 1-5 to assist the children in time of need such as feeding, use of toilet facilities including receiving children in the morning and directing them to the Class and handing them back to the Parent/Guardian after the school is over.

Every student is expected to be clean and tidy. They are also expected to cooperate in keeping the class room, passages, walkways and the garden clean. Students who deliberately contravene this responsibility may have to be subjected to disciplinary procedure.

It is essential that every child is provided with a snack (best prepared at home) to have in the interval and a bottle of water to quench the thirst. No student should be provided with cash to buy snacks or drink on the way to the school or on their return. Especially  in the case of nature students in the upper classes it is strongly advised to adhere to the above, if not it would leave room for  undesirable  activates that parents may have to repent later.

In order to reinforce the work at school the students are given work to be done at home. Parents may assist them in this regard. The School has a homework policy based on the following findings.

Homework Policy

  • The best teachers give homework regularly
  • More homework is better than less
  • Assiduous parents demand homework
  • Homework supports what children learn in school
  • Homework fosters discipline and personal responsibility
  • Through homework students learn, how to learn

Formative Assessments, Mid Term Tests and Term Tests

Monitoring the progress of the child is a responsibility of the parents. With this need too in mind the school evaluates the performance of each students periodically by way of fortnight Formative Assessments, Mid Term Tests and Term End Tests.

It is essential that parents assist the children in the preparation for the Term End Test an in provides an ideal barometer for the parents to track the performance of the child. It is also an indicator of the School performance and even the success of tuition, if any.

This facilitates the parents to take corrective measures to put the child back in track. The school will guide and assist in this regard.

Parents should take every endeavor to maintain 100% attendance of the child as intermittent absence will affect the child as he she would not be able to pick up the missed lessons nor it would be fair to expect assistance from peers or the class teachers to fill the gaps unless in very exceptional circumstances.

Irregular attendance is monitored and effective steps taken to correct the same.

This is of special importance as it is common knowledge that attendance in GCE O/L and GCE A/L classes in schools wanes off to drastic levels in the end. At Vidura, students who keep off classes regularly are stuck off the role as irregular attendance is a hindrance to the learning process.

Absence from the school should be informed in writing to the class teacher with a valid reason. Parents may seek long leaves from the school for the child on genuine reasons in writing addressed to the principal. They should return as declared and report in writing.