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General Procedure

Each parent desirous of admitting the child/children should call over personally at the head office and obtain an application form (registration kit for the respective years by paying the application fee

All three parts of the Registration Kit should be completed with due diligence and care.

The information the parent provides in the Registration Kit will assist the School in determining the suitability of the child to offer a placement in the school. Hence, it is necessary to provide all the information requested. The confidentiality of the personal information provided is assured.

An incomplete Registration Kit may be rejected.

Following documents will have to be attached to the Registration Kit when submitting the same.

Duly perfected Registration Kit with supporting documents required should be submitted to the Head Office at No 22, Kirimandala Mawatha, Nawala, Rajagiriya between 9.00am and 2.30pm and an acknowledgment shall be obtained. Registration Kit should not be sent by post.

Each applicant will be called in for an assessment interview. Both parents and the child should attend.

Selected applicants are informed promptly with a date and time for registration. Parents are required to make the necessary payments and complete the registration on this date.

Required Documents

Following documents will have to be attached to the Registration Kit when submitting the same.

Copy of the Birth Certificate- not the original
Letter from the employer (of both parents) certifying – position/designation, period of employment, gross and net salary and other income, if any.
If self employed, a self declaration indicating Nature of Business, Profession or Vocation, Copy of Business Registration, Annual Gross/Net Income, Copy of Annual Tax Return, If any.
If employed abroad, a copy of the personal Information page and the Visa page of the Passport.
Three self-addressed stamped envelopes
Letter of Recommendation from the present school

Nursery School

Admission to the Nursery School is carried out normally in January, The beginning of the Academic Year. However, Admissions are done at parent’s request throughout the year.

Age of Admission

  • Infant Group   2 ½ years
  • Play Group –   3 years
  • Reception –      4 years

Students who complete the reception Class in the Nursery will have the option of continuing at Vidura Collage in Grade 1 or leave for a school of their choice. Those who wish to continue at Vidura College are required to follow the Internal Admission Procedure.

Primary School - Grade 1

Admission procedure to the Grade 1 for a particular academic year commences in the month of May in the preceding year and closes at the end of January of the relevant year. A child will be offered a placement, subject to

  • Performance at the Assessment Interview
  • Availability of places in Grade 1
  • Compliance with other mandatory requirements

Number of places in limited to maximum of 200. Placements are offered on first come first served basis. Priority will be given to the students who opt to continue in Grade form the Reception Class of the Nursery School.

Age of admission

In keeping with Government Policy, the child should complete 5 years on or before 31st January in the year of admission.

Assessment Interview

Both parents and the child should take part in an Assessment Interview. The Assessment Interview is conducted by a panel with either, the Principal, Duputy Principal, Vice Principal, Registrar or the Director/General Manager in the Chair and the Head of Mistress of Grade 1.

This is not meant for an evaluation of the child’s abilities but provides opportunities to the parents to obtain first hand information about the school, Vision and Mission of the school, to exchange views an ideas, so that the prospective parent can assess the suitability of the school for the child.

Thus, it is a decision a parent has to take with full awareness and not on hearsay to avoid any disappointment late unlike admitting to a Government School. This no doubt is essential for a long term, fruitful and productive relationship between the School and the Parent. This interview helps the Management to select parents of similar caliber who coluld get the benefits of the services for which the school stands.

Primary School – Grade 2 to Grade 5
Upper Secondary School – Grade 10 & 11
Lower Secondary school – Grade 6 to Grade 9
GCE Advanced Level

Admission to the above Grades are done throughout the year on a very selective basis depending on the vacancies available, subject to

An assessment interview with the parents
Performance at the present school
A competency test
Recommendation from the present school

Admission fee, 1st  term fee and any other fee or payment made at the time of admission is not refundable and will not be repaid under any circumstance whether the child commences studies or not.

G.C.E Advanced Level

Vidura students who successfully complete GCE O/L will be offered a placement in the GCE Advanced Level classes subject to but not limited to their performance at  the GCE O/L Examination. The achievements and performance in extra and co-curriular activities, availability of the Stream they desire to follow and last but not least their behavior,conduct , discipline and mannerisms shown during their career in the School will be considered in making the offer.

GCE advanced Leverl classes at Vidura are organized for a full 2 year course with complete laboratory facilities in Science and Information Technology and fully qualified competent staff guided and supervised by a dedicated Deputy Principal. The Course of Study is oriented to guide a student on a pathway to one among many tertiary educational institutes in Sri Lanka or abroad.

It is made available to students with good results from other schools too. Course details are available with the Deputy Principal in charge.

Payment of Fees

School Fees

Vidura is a fee levying Indpendent Private School. We are not an aided or assisted school nor receive any grant from any source hence a self sustained institution. Fees are maintained at very moderate levels in order that is wider strata of society could receive English medium education at an affordable fee not losing the cherished National fervour.School fees are changed for a Term which comprises four months. The term fee for the ensuring year is informed to the parents at the end of every year. Fees are paid by Cash only at the Cashier Counter in the Accounting & Finance Department at No 18 Kirimandal Mawatha.Nawala, Rajagiriya.

Fees are expected to be settled within two weeks after commencing a Term. The students who are in arrears may miss certain privileges and opportunities in their learning endeavors including the opportunity to sit for Term tests, representing the school for various activities or overseas leave.

Any request for extending the above period should be made in writing through the Class Teacher to the principal who will give sympathetic consideration.

Fees for sports, extra/co-curricular activities and supplementary courses are charged per month or per Term as the case may be the Cashier counter.

Contributions or events and activities are charged as and when necessary and will be collected through the Class Teacher on a Note circular by the principal.

Such prescribed fees and contribution noticed by the principal are the only collections made in the school.