VIDURA Excels at G.C.E. O/Ls 2016 Once Again!

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Results of the G.C.E Ordinary level examination 2016 was released last week has added another golden feather to the schools hat of success. The outstanding performance of Vidurians at the Ordinary level exam held last year has brought grace and pride to their Alma Mater. 34 students have obtained 9As, 24 students with 8As, 18 students with 7As, 15 students with 6As, 20 students with 5As, and 15 students with 4As. (126 students in total).

205 students sat the exam with in 9 subjects. Out of 1845 passes, students have obtained 1009 A passes, 352 B passes, 301 C passes and 153 S passes this year. Further, students have obtained 100% pass rate in 7 different subjects and 99% pass rate in 5 different subjects.

Vidura College managed to secure its glorious position achieved at the O/L exam in 2016 as one of the best English Medium National schools in the island!!

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