VIDURA COLLEGE, Towering atop at the GCE O/L Examination – 2015

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Vidura College Colombo has emerged to the top in the list of English medium schools in the island recording the highest percentage of A 9 passes at the GCE Ordinary Level examination held last year. Having started 17 years ago to fulfil the long felt need of a school which follows the National curriculum in English medium, Vidura has made a steady progress year after year reaching towards excellence producing outstanding results at GCE A/L and O/L exams conducted during the past few years.

This year the students of Vidura have achieved a stunning result of having over 95.7% passes in all the subjects offered at GCE O/L examination.

Summary – GCE O/L Examination 2015:

  • Total No of Students 185
  • Total No of Subjects 1,665
  • Total No of A – 941 [56.52%]
  • Total No of B – 299 [17.96%]
  • Total No of C – 256 [15.38%]
  • Total No of S – 125 [7.51%]

The Achievers:

  • No of Students with 9As – 40 [21.62%]
  • No of Students with 8As – 16 [8.65%]
  • No of Students with 7As – 10 [5.41%]
  • No of Students with 6As – 20 [10.81%]
  • No of Students with 5As – 15 [8.11%]
  • Total 101 54.59%

Compared to the results obtained previously this shows a notable increase. This year, 40 students out of 186 had scored “A” passes for all the 9 subjects they sat at the exam.

Vidura College has been engaging in a mission of equipping its students with English while preserving the cultural and Buddhist values. The success of its attempt in achieving their targets is shown by the high pass rate.

The success of Vidura lies in the dedicated team of qualified teachers who strive towards achieving the goals of the college and the innovative methods of teaching used in class room teaching. Vidura also lays a lot emphasis on discipline which is blatantly lacking in our modern society.

Under the inspiring guidance of the Principal Mr D.G Sumanasekara, Vidura continues its journey ahead imprinting a name in the country’s educational sector.

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